City celebrations service on the 3rd of October

No service at Network Church on the Day of German Unity

Alongside the city celebrations there is going to be an ecumenical service on Theaterplatz on the 3rd of October.
This service is organised and done by several Dresden churches.
At 11:15am, there is going to be a children’s and family programme by Harry Voß on stage at the Maritim Hotel.

Harry Voß has been working for years in children’s ministry at Bibellesebund and he is a well-known author of several children’s books.

Because of these events, there is no Sunday service at Network Church.

City Celebrations Service

Start: 11:30am Venue: Theaterplatz (front of Semper opera)

Children’s and family programme by Harry Voß

Start: 11:15am Venue: Maritim Hotel stage (behind the hotel)

Let us use these events to give a public testimony for Jesus and his larger church of our city.