On Wednesdays: Alpha Course and Prayer Meeting

Questions about life?

Where am I going? Has this been it? Does faith make happy? Is there a God? Do you have questions? Then, get in touch with Christian faith and the meaning that is within it.
The Alpha Course breaks down the crucial topics concerning faith.
You can just listen and share your questions and thoughts with others. You can dispute the content and investigate it – just as you like it.

Join our meetings: every fortnight (even calendar week) on Wednesdays, 6:30pm at Amalie-Dietrich-Platz 3.

Prayer: new day of meeting

From now on, our prayer meeting takes place every fortnight (odd calendar week) on Wednesdays. Together, we want to praise God, pray for politics and our society as well as share personal requests with each other and God. Location: Amalie-Dietrich-Platz 3.