Summer Schedule

Summer is just around the corner, and with it come the special events of our Network Church. We are excited to present our summer schedule to you. Here are the most important out-of-the-ordinary dates for the upcoming months:

No Service on July 7th

On July 7th, there will be no service. We encourage you to use this Sunday for personal devotions, family time, or a trip to the countryside. Take the opportunity to recharge or visit the service of another church.

Picnic Service on July 14th

Bring your picnic blankets, snacks, and drinks. Our picnic service will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the open air. Games and sports equipment are also welcome. Further details will follow.

City Festival Service on August 18th

As part of the city festival, there will be another interdenominational service. More information will follow.

Regular Services

Apart from the mentioned exceptions, our service schedule will continue as usual. Every Sunday at 3:30 PM, we meet at Hühndorfer Str. 22 to praise God, hear the Word of God, and foster fellowship. Even during the summer, we want to maintain our routines and gather regularly for worship.

We look forward to experiencing these special summer months with you and warmly invite you to participate in the various events. Let’s use this time to strengthen our faith, make new friendships, and enjoy our fellowship.