About us

Why “Network” Church?

Network Church Dresden has been developing out of a group of young people since 2011, who wanted to live and share their Christian faith together – in this, they have seen the bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ as their common guideline. In April 2014, this group had grown so big that home meetings were not an option any longer and thus, the community centre was established in Dresden-Cotta on Pennricher Str. 31. The name “Network” got stuck from the beginnings of this young group, when they served alongside an evangelistic ministry in Dresden-Neustadt, carrying that name.

“Network” refers to the connection of people as community, gathering in the hope of the gospel – as well as to our heart for connection with Christians from all over the city. That is why we are part of the “Evangelische Allianz”, a federation of evangelical Christianity in Dresden.

Our core values

Our goal:

God’s exaltation

We believe in the triune God: God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Our highest goal is to glorify God in everything that we do and to give Him the glory. This is man’s highest purpose as well as the churches’. God has created everything and every one for His glory and exaltation.

Bible references: Isa 42:8/ 1Cor 10:31/ 2Cor 4:15

Our foundation:

Jesus Christ

Our church’s foundation can be Jesus Christ alone. He has set us free from our sins in dying on the cross substitutionally for us and taking the wrath of God upon Him. By the power of the Holy Spirit it is possible to become one with Him in suffering, death and resurrection. Jesus is the foundation for our actions and He brings about good fruit.

Bible references: John 15:5/1Cor 3:11/Col 1:27


in discipleship

Hereafter, four areas are explained. God has given them to us, so that we can live in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ:

A. Scripture

The bible is the unfailing word of God. We find everything in it that we need for a God-fearing life in following Jesus Christ in this world. The word of God is our absolute benchmark and everything that we do or say must be in place with the truths in scripture. 

Bible references: Ps 119:105/Joh 17:17/
2Tim 3:16f

B. Prayer

We believe that prayer is an essential part of discipleship. As breathing is crucial for our natural life, prayer is for our spiritual life. In praying we nurse our love relationship with our creator and present to Him our dependency upon Him. 

Bible references: PS 145:18/
Mat 6:6/1Thess 5/17

C. Community

God has put us as brothers and sisters in community to be His body in this world. We need each other, because every person has received different talents and callings from God. As community we want to be family, reaching out to all generations and social levels. We want to encourage and exhort each other in our discipleship and represent the love of Christ. 

Bible references: Joh 13:35/Col 3:12-17/
1Cor 12:12-31

D. Worship

We are called to worship the triune God as He is revealed in scripture. He is the only One who is worthy of praise and worship. Thus, He is worthy of complete devotion with all our heart, our mind, our soul and all our might.

Bible references: Mk 12:29f/
Joh 4:23f/Rev 5:12-14

inside and outside

Motivated by our relationship with Jesus Christ, we want to grow in the following four areas:

A. Evangelism

Jesus Christ has given us the assignment to go out and preach His gospel to a fallen world. Every member of our church shall do this in their personal life, e.g. at work, in their neighbourhood or family. In the same way, we want to do this together, in talking to people in public and tell them about our faith. 

Bible references: Mt 28:18-20/
Rom 10:12-14/2Tim 2:4

B. Discipleship

We want to strengthen each other in our walk of faith and accompany each other in diverse processes, which help us, to be formed into the image of Christ – and to fulfill our individual God-given calling. This takes place in our services, but also in our home groups, twofold fellowship, teaching and pastoral meetings. 

Bible references: Lk 9:23f/
Joh 13:13-17/1Pet 1:15f

C. Bless society

Jesus Christ told us that we as His disciples are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We want to be this for our surrounding that we currently live in. We want to take an active part in all areas of our society: economy, politics, media, entertainment/arts, education, and family. A vivid relationship with God touches all fields of life.

Bible references: Mt 5:13-16/
1Cor 9:22/Tit 3:1f

D. Apostolic mission

We as Christians are positioned in a huge family. That is why we want to be connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ and support their ministries. On top of that we want to send out missionaries and equip people, to found new churches and/or ministries. 

Bible references: Acts 13:1-4/
2Cor 8:23/2Thess 3:1

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