We are glad that you are here.
We – that is Network Church Dresden,
a free Christian church.

Network Church Dresden is a free Christian congregation.
We meet regularly for service and prayer meetings in Dresden-Cotta – in addition, we meet as home groups at different people’s homes. Here, families with children, couples, students, German-speakers and English-speakers, adults, young adults and teenagers, men and women share their faith and life with each other.

Sunday service

Every Sunday at 3:30pm we celebrate service together. We meet each other, sing worship songs, talk, and listen to a readily understandable, biblical teaching.
Children have their own service according to their age in a parallel children’s group.

We meet at the church facilities of the EMK (Methodist Church) on Hühndürfer Str. 22, 01157 Dresden.

From now on, every one who attends the service will need a so called “3G” – certificate (i.e. being recovered / being vaccinated / being tested negatively). Please, have your valid certificate ready to show at the entrance.
Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the service is held under several restrictions. You find out more here.


Church life

Mommy meeting

We welcome mothers with their little children. We meet every Wednesday at 9:30am at Pennricher Str. 31 to talk, get to know each other and for prayer. There will be a short programme for the children as well.

Home groups

We meet as smaller groups on differing days every week to talk about our lives and encourage each other. You will get more information upon request. You can find the home group leaders using the link.

Friday prayer

Every Friday we meet for corporate prayer at 8pm.

Because of the restrictions due to the corona crisis we meet via the online service “Zoom”every two weeks (even weeks) and at our church rooms every other two weeks (odd weeks). We pray for society, politics and personal requests. You want to join us in prayer? No Problem!
Just contact us via E-Mail.

Place of encounter at Amalie-Dietrich-Platz

The social-missionary community centre inside the “Gorbitzer Hof” makes it possible to meet and talk to people on the spot without great obstacles. Every one is welcome and can hear about Jesus Christ – at a place in Dresden that has developed into a key area of criminality in the last couple of years. At the moment, we are on-site on Mondays and Wednesdays. Be warmly invited to coffee/tea and a talk about God and the world.

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